You Deserve a Listing Agent you can Trust.

When you sell your home you deserve an agent who puts your needs first. We will listen to you, and help you reach your goals. That means working tirelessly in the pursuit of results. Our proven track record consistently nets our clients no less than 97% of asking price in 2 weeks or fewer.

The Spera Group provides a full service listing package that will sell your home for top dollar. A combination of market knowledge, competitive pricing strategy, aggressive marketing plan, full service staging, contracting and painting services, and well-honed negotiation skills help us get you to the outcome you hope for.
Selecting The Spera Group to represent you when you sell your home means working with an agent you can trust who will focus on your hopes, goals and prosperity.

Top 5 Seller Mistakes

  • Overpricing your Home– It’s important to be realistic about the value of your home. Setting the price too high can mean more time on the market, and low offers. Buyers tend to undervalue a home once it’s been listed for more than two weeks, and wonder if there is something wrong with it. The Spera Group constantly monitors the current market conditions so that we can set a sale price that is just right. This pricing strategy will sell your home for more money in a less amount of time.

  • Not Being Objective About Your Home– Sellers tend to carry an emotional attachment to their home. This prevents them from being able to see their home from the objective eyes of a buyer. Ultimately this can hurt them in the sale. When you list your home with The Spera Group we evaluate your home the way a buyer would, and can help you make choices while preparing for sale. This way we can make sure that buyers see the same value you do when they enter your home.

  • Not Communicating with Your Agent– Agents do this for a living, but we are not mind readers. Sellers tend to keep some of their cards in hand because they don’t yet trust their agent, or fail to communicate with their agent when they are unhappy. This can negatively impact your agent’s ability to negotiate on your behalf. We believe that trust between agent and client is paramount to a smooth transaction. We will ask the right questions, and listen to your answers in order to establish a strong relationship. Be honest with us, and we will be your biggest advocates.

  • Misunderstanding The Buyers Offer- Carefully reviewing and understanding the offer of purchase or contract of sale is imperative. Sellers can miss terms, contingency periods, or credits to the buyer. Sometimes sellers can also take offense when offers come in with less than desirable terms. The Spera Group carefully reviews all offers before we present them to you. We will provide you with a synopsis of the key terms, and go over the details step by step. We also understand that the buyer offer is the beginning of a negotiation, and we will help you decide the most effective way to get what you need.

  • Not Displaying Curb Appeal- First impressions are key, and for a buyer that means that initial drive up to your home. A little bit of landscaping can go a long way, and sometimes sellers forget how important that first view can be. Our full service listing experience will ensure your home is beautiful from the inside out. The Spera Group will enlist one of our professional landscapers to help spruce up your front yard at little cost to you.